Archery Tag & Battle Archery

Archery was designed for battles and hunting back in the ‘good old days’, now it’s been adapted so we can do battle with each other in a fun, safe and social environment.

Yes you heard us right bow and arrow archery tag has been developed so we can take aim at one another in a friendly tactical game.

Imagine the rules of dodgeball with a dash of Paintball and you have a brand new adrenaline fuelled game. No need to worry about any painful hits as the arrow tips have been replaced with soft foam and your face is protected with a full covered mask so any risk to sensitive areas is eliminated.

The friendly Combat Archery Tag  game designed for both adults and children is a great activity for Birthday parties and unlike paintball there isn’t any mess. We have a choice of outdoor playing areas including grass and the finest astro-turf playing field in sussex. The Archery battle zone is filled with blow up bunkers and we have a choice of games to play including ‘Dodgeball rules’ and capture the flag.

This is probably the most ‘safe’ fun you will have with a bow and arrow, be prepared to become totally addicted to this fantastic game.

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£29.50pp 60 minutes game play // minimum of 8 players

£26pp 60 minutes game play // groups of 10+

Archery Tag & Battle Archery Packages

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Archery Tag N/A

Archery Tag N/A
  • Archery Tag
  • Safe and exciting games
  • Like Paintball without the mess or pain
  • Duration 1 hour
  • Minimum age 12yrs
  • Minimum group size 10 players


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Activity FAQs

Is there a trophy?

You can upgrade your activity to include an individual or set of trophies, please confirm this when making your booking.

How do I book?

To make a booking please call us on 01273 834403 we require a £20.00 deposit per person to confirm your booking with the remaining balance due 28 days prior to your event date.

Are deposits refundable?

All deposits are non refundable. All payments are non refundable from 28 days prior to your event date.

Is my activity session exclusive?

No activity sessions are exclusive unless specified by Qleisure at time of booking.

Is Archery Tag a good activity for Kids Birthday Parties?

Yes absolutely, Kids love this game, our minimum age is 12yrs and we have a mixture of games to play. Parents are also welcome to join in on the fun.

Is there an age restriction to play archery tag

Minimum age is 12 years old

Is this activity available all year round

Yes, all of our activities at Qleisure are available year round

What should I wear

You will be working up a sweat. We recommend you wear tracksuit bottoms, long sleeve T-shirt and trainers (no flip flops, sandals, studs or spikes). Remember the battle zone is outdoors so please dress sensibly for the time of year.

What is Combat Archery Tag

Its the game of champions, think Dodgeball with a twist. Instead of throwing balls at each other we use safe Archery equipment, the arrows have giant foam tips which allow low impact hits and our combat style bows  draw a maximum weight of 28 lbs. Most Archery Tag centres will use the lower power bows of only 20 lbs, these are designed for 7 years and upwards, accept no imitations and play the game how it should be. No archery experience necessary to play this highly addictive, fun and adrenaline fueled game.

How many people do I need to play Archery Tag

We recommend a minimum of 8 players. If you are less than 8 then please contact us as we can always ad you to another group.

Does it hurt

You definitely feel it but it is nothing like being hit by a paintball and there is no bruising due to the arrows being made with foam tips.

Whats the playing field like

50m x 30m of the finest outdoor soft astro-turf grass you have ever seen. We'll go as far as boasting we have the best purpose made Archery Tag playing field in the country. You won't need to worry about burns or grazes unlike a car park, or indoor sports hall.

How long is the Archery Tag session

Depending on your group size the sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes. This will be confirmed when you make your booking with us. Full day sessions are also available, just let us know your requirements.

Where is the Archery Tag based

You will find us in West Sussex just 8 miles north of Brighton and 13 miles south of Crawley

What is the maximum amount of players allowed on at once

We can allow up to 12 Players on our field but 5-a-side is the ultimate number. If you have a large group then we will simply break you into smaller teams and provide you with better quality games in a tournament event.

Are we allowed to do a Stag or Hen run

Archery Tag is the perfect event for your stag or hen weekend but what fun would it be unless everyone got to shoot the Stag/Hen. At the end of the session as long as all parties agree we do the famous Stag, Hen or Birthday run. Don't panic it doesn't hurt, much!

Is safety equipment supplied

All equipment is supplied including Archery Bow, Tag Arrows, Full Face Safety Mask, Arm Guard, Chest and Back protector.