Corporate Gold The Ultimate Day Out!

Full day activity package includes:

270cc Karting – Gold GP
Clay Pigeon Shooting (25 Bird) & Assault Rifles (40 Rounds)
Archery & Axe Throwing – Competition and Tuition & Bubble Football Tournament

Min Group Size: 10

Corporate Silver

Full day activity package includes:

270cc Karting – Silver GP
Clay Pigeon Shooting (20 Bird) & Assault Rifles (30 Rounds)
Archery & Axe Throwing – Competition and Tuition


Clay Shooting & Assault Rifles

Love shooting then look no further. This is our maximum impact package with a 25 bird Clay Shoot followed by 100 rounds of pure adrenaline live .22 semi automatic rifles.

Duration: 2 – 4 Hours
Min Group Size: 6

Axe Throwing

Seriously, who throws an Axe?

When was the last time you threw an Axe? Exactly! Now this is something you need to tick off the bucket list. Ad this great new skill to your CV who knows when it might come in handy, maybe for a Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Invasion.

Throwing Axes, Tomahawks, Spades and a wide range of other interesting throwing weaponry through the air into a large wooden tree stump is a thrilling experience, everyone should do it. 

We will take you through step by step until you are throwing with confidence with one or even two axe rotations. Then it’s a case of mastering the ‘thud’. The ‘thud’ is the sound the axe makes when it sinks perfectly into the target, the thud is the sound that makes you smile and the ‘thud’ is the sound that scores you points! 

We have a total of 13 Axe Throwing lanes all of which are under cover and individually caged for optimum safety and of course protecting you from the elements. This means more throwing time for you as you can throw in your own lane at your own pace while your neighbour is doing the same without any fear of the axes crossing lanes.

Depending on your Axe Throwing Activity Experience you will progress through a number of different throwing axes, changing each time in shape, size and weight. Each Axe, spade or other throwing device requires a slightly different technique but don’t panic as our instructors will walk you through the actions required to ‘sink it’ into the wooden targets. Some of you maybe lucky enough to try double rotations or even throwing more than one axe at one time. 

Axe throwing has become one of our most popular ad-on activities, so much so that we have decided to partner up with The Bearded Axe Bros and offer a range of additional axe throwing experiences. By the looks of things it’s growing in popularity at the same rate as craft ale and beards are growing in Brighton. In fact why not polish off the day with a Burger and pint of curious brew in our Drive-In coffee house and bar afterwards.

Bubble Football

Bubble Football

We’ve all seen it on the internet, crazy fools running around in giant plastic zorb suits, chasing a football only to find themselves rolling across the floor in what looks like a violent attack from another giant ball. What is actually going on and why on earth would you do it? The answer is very simple, bubble football is so much fun you actually hurt more from laughing than any technical foul.

The activity that’s taken the country by storm is now available here at Qleisure on our outdoor astroturf playing field. No need to worry about a wet muddy fields or hard indoor sports halls, play on our beautiful purpose laid playing field.

It’s fun, its fast and it’s probably something you’ve never done before. The nature of the beast means that you will be running around with a giant plastic ball attached to your body so we keep the games short and snappy. Larger groups will enjoy a knockout tournament event whilst smaller groups can either have less time on the pitch or join with another team.

The best part about Zorbing football is that there are no skills required, you could take on Zlatan himself and still have an equal chance of winning the beautiful game.

Our sessions include a referee and there are a mixture of games available, remember the school yard game British Bulldog? Now you’re equipped with a protective bouncy suit, nothing could possibly be more fun.

Archery Tag

Archery was designed for battles and hunting back in the ‘good old days’, now it’s been adapted so we can do battle with each other in a fun, safe and social environment.

Yes you heard us right bow and arrow archery tag has been developed so we can take aim at one another in a friendly tactical game.

Imagine the rules of dodgeball with a dash of Paintball and you have a brand new adrenaline fuelled game. No need to worry about any painful hits as the arrow tips have been replaced with soft foam and your face is protected with a full covered mask so any risk to sensitive areas is eliminated.

The friendly Combat Archery Tag  game designed for both adults and children is a great activity for Birthday parties and unlike paintball there isn’t any mess. We have a choice of outdoor playing areas including grass and the finest astroturf playing field in Sussex. The Archery battle zone is filled with blow up bunkers and we have a choice of games to play including ‘Dodgeball rules’ and capture the flag.

This is probably the most ‘safe’ fun you will have with a bow and arrow, be prepared to become totally addicted to this fantastic game.

Assault Rifles

With the very best .22 Assault Rifles on the market, you will experience something that is very rare to the UK. The Ceska Zbrojovka 452 bolt action rifle, Hammerli Tac R1 22 – .22 LR and the famous Smith and Wesson AR15 (a real force to be reckoned with and used as an infantry weapon in a large number of countries) are now available to shoot in Brighton. There’s no need to travel to Eastern Europe or Vegas to experience these truly awesome guns.

There are only a few activity centres in the UK able to offer this event and we are one of them. Our outdoor 50m shooting range is fully equipped with a range of different targets and even an undercover shooting area. Our activity centre and shooting range is located close to Brighton, Surrey and London and is easy to drive to with free parking available on site for all customers.

You will find a mixture of targets from hanging steel gongs, duelling trees, splatterburst body doubles and optional exploding fire bird discs. We run the session with shoot-out rounds against the clock, or head to head against your team mate if the instructors feel you are up to the challenge. (Please note that the targets will depend on your experience, time slot booked and group size).

Your entire shooting session will be with experienced staff on a one-to-one tuition basis. Even when you’re not shooting, you’ll be well in the mix as the range is in full view for spectators. Make sure you don’t forget the important photo opportunity either!

Remember this is not your everyday activity, this will be an experience you won’t be forgetting any time soon.


It is an offence for a person who is prohibited by Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 to have a firearm or ammunition in his/her possession at any time.

This Section applies to any person who has been sentenced to imprisonment, a suspended term of imprisonment or to youth custody or detention in any young offenders institution for three months or more.

A person sentenced to a suspended or term of imprisonment period between 3 months and 3 years is prohibited for 5 years from the date of release.

A person sentenced to a suspended or term of imprisonment of 3 years or more is prohibited for life.

It is an offence for a person to transfer, let, hire, or lend a firearm or ammunition to someone whom he/she knows or has reasonable grounds for believing to be a prohibited person.


Our woodland paintball site is located 1 mile (3 minute drive) from our doorstep. We suggest to book paintball in the afternoon as a finale to your activity day, this way it won’t matter about getting messy and dirty.

We have an extensive range of outdoor woodland to play this ever popular activity. A choice of games are on offer to ad variety to your paintballing experience, the paintball action is endless throughout the entire session, you just need to keep buying the paint balls and you can keep playing.

All safety equipment is supplied and of the highest standard, our marshals are well experienced and friendly making your experience safe and unforgettable. All equipment is serviced and cleaned between paintball sessions so all you need to worry about is taking out the enemy without being hit yourself.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting is an exciting and unique experience – this really is the real deal. The smell of gun powder, the kick of the gun, and the thrill and excitement of blasting a clay out of the sky is not something everyone can relate to on a daily basis. From the first shoot, you’ll be hooked!

Our clay shooting range is purpose-built with a beautiful backdrop of trees and shrubs. The undercover viewing area means you’ll be shielded from the elements but you won’t miss any of the action while our professional shooting cages keep you and your group safe while shooting.

You’ll be spoilt for choice as our set up allows a mixture of shots including both left’s and right’s, a rabbit trap, overhead, towards, away and the trick shot we all want to master, the double clay with one shot. Bragging rights galore!

Equipped with a Beretta ‘over and under’ 12 bore shotgun, you will be blasting clays out of the sky in next to no time. Our enthusiastic, qualified instructors will guide you through with 1 to 1 tuition, catering for the complete novice to an experienced shooter.

Our instructors will take you through a complete range of shots starting with a static target for practice, then moving on to the flying targets for the competition.

You won’t just be shooting in an empty field, this is a fully loaded, purpose built professional shooting experience.

Our clay pigeon shooting range is located close to Brighton, Surrey and London and is easy to drive to with free parking available. Contact us today to find out more.

Target Shooting

Target shooting is a great alternative to clay pigeon or assault rifles, a truly addictive sport that requires lots of skill. A relaxed but still very competitive activity.

Our rifles are examples of beautiful craftsmanship and easily the best on the market at the moment. The Weihrauch HW100 offers excellent accuracy, vibration free shot release, fast and easy shot repeating with a 14 round magazine and a scope for the added sniper effect.

Our shooting range is set within the same area as our Archery and Axe Throwing zones, these 3 activities are very popular to mix together.

The range itself is set against a sand cliff edge for added effect with a combination of targets. Ask about our Firebird discs, they explode on impact making this an exhilarating activity.

Most Target Shooting sessions are a minimum of 42 rounds, 28 of those are for practice and free shooting on the range with the final 14 shots used for the competition on our score card target.

A safety instructor will be with you at all times to help you along with all aspects of shooting.

We are located close to Brighton, Surrey and London and provide free parking on site for all our customers.