Is safety equipment supplied

All equipment is supplied including Archery Bow, Tag Arrows, Full Face Safety Mask, Arm Guard, Chest and Back protector.

Are we allowed to do a Stag or Hen run

Archery Tag is the perfect event for your stag or hen weekend but what fun would it be unless everyone got to shoot the Stag/Hen. At the end of the session as long as all parties agree we do the famous Stag, Hen or Birthday run. Don’t panic it doesn’t hurt, much!

How long is the Archery Tag session

Depending on your group size the sessions last between 60 – 90 minutes. This will be confirmed when you make your booking with us. Full day sessions are also available, just let us know your requirements.

Whats the playing field like

50m x 30m of the finest outdoor soft astro-turf grass you have ever seen. We’ll go as far as boasting we have the best purpose made Archery Tag playing field in the country. You won’t need to worry about burns or grazes unlike a car park, or indoor sports hall.

Does it hurt

You definitely feel it but it is nothing like being hit by a paintball and there is no bruising due to the arrows being made with foam tips.

What is Combat Archery Tag

Its the game of champions, think Dodgeball with a twist. Instead of throwing balls at each other we use safe Archery equipment, the arrows have giant foam tips which allow low impact hits and our combat style bows  draw a maximum weight of 28 lbs. Most Archery Tag centres will use the lower power bows of only 20 lbs, these are designed for 7 years and upwards, accept no imitations and play the game how it should be. No archery experience necessary to play this highly addictive, fun and adrenaline fueled game.

What should I wear

You will be working up a sweat. We recommend you wear tracksuit bottoms, long sleeve T-shirt and trainers (no flip flops, sandals, studs or spikes). Remember the battle zone is outdoors so please dress sensibly for the time of year.