Covid-19 News

Some extra measures are in place to help with the current Covid-19 situation. PLEASE READ BELOW:

ALL BOOKINGS MUST BE CONFIRMED IN ADVANCE. We are unable to guarantee participation for walk-on’s. You can book online or call us on 01273 834403. Please note that the office is closed on Mondays.

If you are currently experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms as stated by the Government (High Temperature, a New Continuous Cough this means you’ve started coughing repeatedly) please DO NOT visit Qleisure. If you have been in close contact with someone with these symptoms or if anyone in your household is showing these symptoms, please DO NOT visit Qleisure.

Spectators will NOT BE ALLOWED under any circumstances. For minors we will allow 1 adult per child. It is important to keep the overall numbers down on site wherever possible, this will lower the risk of cross contamination.

Please remember that we are an outdoor activity venue with plenty of space therefore we will be asking everyone to keep at least 1 meter apart from each other and 2 meters where possible.  

PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS and as per official advice make sure you wash for at least 20 seconds. Our facilities will be regularly cleaned and sanitised but please do your part and WASH YOUR HANDS.

Our Bar and Restaurant will be ***CLOSED*** until further notice. 

Cash WILL NOT be accepted until further notice. This is a precaution to protect our Staff and Customers. Our vending machine still accepts coins.

A new customer ‘one-way’ flow has been added to our site from arrival in our car park all the way through to your exit. We have split each section into Zones, please follow in order and help us to help you keeping everything moving smoothly. A full description can be read below.   

Please avoid any social contact such as hand shakes, high fives, hugging and kissing.

Helmets and overalls are sanitized after each use, gloves and balaclavas are washed after each use and we will wipe down all surfaces and computers between customers. Activity equipment including Karts are also cleaned on a regular basis.

The product we are using to sanitize our venue and equipment is called Pro-Tech which leaves a protective biofilm that will continue to inactivate 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. Pro-Tech remains active on any surface for more than 1 Week and is eco-friendly. Full spec sheet is available upon request.

We will be sure to keep our ‘ears and eyes’ open and monitor the situation as close as possible. We will listen to all advice and act in an appropriate manner.

Arrivals and on site one way system. Please help us to help you and ‘go with the flow’.

Zone 1 – Car Park / Arrivals

There is plenty of space in the car park so please park in a space away from other cars where possible. We ask you to please stay in your car if you arrive early and only proceed to zone 2 at your allocated time. Please note that at this stage we cannot offer lockers. Spectators are not allowed unless you are accompanying an under 18yr.

Zone 2 – Entrance

Our entrance is located at the back of the car park through the large wooden gate.  please follow the one way system to Zone 3. Please wait here until you are greeted by a member of staff who will check your temperature. Remember to keep a safe distance of at least 1m between other guests. Please note that you will be asked to leave our site if your body temperature is above 37.5 degrees.

Zone 3 – Driver/Activity Registration

Each driver will need to sign in on our computer kiosks. Due to social distancing we will only allow 4 people at one time to do this. Our building capacity is currently set to 24 guests. Please keep your distance by following the arrows and only proceed forward when there is space to do so.

Zone 4 – Racing Equipment

After registration, proceed to collect your racing equipment. You will be given Race Overalls, Gloves and Balaclava. All equipment will have been washed at the recommended temperature, cleaned and sprayed with a sanitizer spray. Rest assured that we will be washing and/or sanitizing (with pro-tech)  all equipment after each single use.

We ask you to know your sizes beforehand to stop any unnecessary contact with equipment. We recommend to then go outside and put on your race equipment in the fresh air with plenty of space, if this is not possible due to weather then we will use the driver briefing room to get changed.

Zone 5 – Driver Safety Briefing and Helmet

Once you are wearing your race overalls, gloves and balaclava we will allow you to sit in the Driver briefing room. Please do not move the chairs as these are positioned at a safe distance, we will allow a maximum of 15 drivers and 1 staff member. Do not remove your balaclava, please keep this covering your mouth and nose or use a face mask if you prefer.

Once the briefing has finished a staff member will ask you to leave in single file keeping a safe distance between each person. Collect a clean crash helmet then follow the arrows to the pit stop and only move forward when there is space to do so.

Our helmets are disinfected with Pro-Tech using a hot steam application machine. We also have 70% alcohol based anti-bacterial spray available and hand sanitizer stations around the site.

Zone 6 – The Kart Track

All Karts will be sprayed with disinfectant so you will be entering a clean machine. You will be greeted by a staff member who will make sure your helmet is securely fastened. They will confirm your name and tell you which Kart number is yours. At this stage it is important to keep the flow moving so please jump into your Kart and await further instructions. Once all drivers are seated a marshal will check that you are comfortable and do a safety brake test.

Zone 7 – De-Brief / Dress Down

Once your Karting session has finished we will ask you to remain in the Karts, once all Karts have come to a controlled stop we will turn off the engines. A track marshal will ask you to exit the Karts and then please follow the marshal to our dress down area. It is important to keep all race equipment on until instructed to take it off including your crash helmet. Once you are in the correct area you will be asked to remove all racing equipment and place it into the correct bins.

Zone 8 – Exit

The exit back to the car park is located at the large black steel gates. Please drive home safely and come back soon!